Up, up and away

SmugMug-WordPress-Customization-Portrait-Photographer-VC-Photography-L New web site launched into cyber space.

It’s been a long time coming, and many hours of blood, sweat and a few tears, but at last my amazing new web site is live for all to see!! It’s more than a little bit overdue as I had thought that this would be a good project for Christmas last year … so only 16 months later has the moment finally arrived to unveil it to you all. I must admit it was well worth the wait (and I feel a bit giddy!).

The Studio has been so busy this last 12 months and finding time for such a mammoth project was a struggle, but I knew that it needed doing and in the end enlisted the help of an expert … some days you just have to admit defeat and ask for help. This was the best decision and the web site is better for the expert help that I have received.

The aim of the new site was for you to find what you want to see quicker and easier… oh and bigger! You can now view the usual galleries for weddings and portraits, but for all of you lovely ladies who contact me during your pregnancy you now have your own sections dedicated to Maternity Portraits and of course those teeny tiny Newborn Portraits.

When you visit the portrait section you’ll also see that you can now pick whether you would like to look at Family Portraits, Baby Club, Pets and of course, the ever messy, Cake Smash gallery.

We’ve also made a dedicated Boudoir section for all of you sexy ladies :-)

The section that makes me all warm and fuzzy is the Testimonials page. Not only is it lovely that you have taken the time to send such amazing feedback, but the new design of this page means that you can click on a photo of your choice and see what that family has said about their experience as well as seeing the results of their portrait session.

So please take a look, have a good nosey and of course if you have any feedback then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy browsing! :-)

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