Woohoo!! 2013 Cherubs Baby Photographer of the Year!!

Winning image for 2103 Cherubs Photographer of the Year

Winning image for 2103 Cherubs Photographer of the Year

I can’t believe it – I’ve won another award!! :D

Yesterday I attended the Annual Cherubs Convention organised by the World’s Best Photographer Ray Lowe. For those of you who aren’t aware Cherubs is the National photography programme organised by Bounty in order to provide a network of Qualified Master Photographers for parents so that they can record their baby’s first year.

It was a great day where all of the UK’s best Baby Photographers joined together to come up with new and amazing ideas for photographing babies. Not only was the day highly informative, but we also have an annual competition to find the years best photo based upon what we think Mum’s will like (biggest smile usually). We all sat with bated breath as the runners up were announced and I admit I felt a little deflated that I hadn’t been a runner up, but even now I am getting goose pimples remembering my name being called out and having to stand up in front of my peers and so many talented photographers and shake hands with Ray (who I admit I am just a little bit in awe of and felt a bit star struck!).

I truly love my job, which in this day and age is not something that many people can say. Usually what makes me feel warm and fuzzy is the tears shed in my studio when someone views their photos, or being trusted with a 4 day old baby in order to record their first moments of life, but this week my big grin is down to winning an award. I really can’t believe that I have been chosen as Baby Photographer of the Year for Cherubs (chosen for being the most happy baby portrait) – thank you to my amazing customers for every day sharing their beautiful children with me and making my job a pleasure.


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